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AWS Approved Mobile Workshop

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At Calibre Caravan Services Ltd we feel that servicing should not just be a tick list process. We like spending time, getting to know your leisure vehicle so we can minimise any potential problems you may encounter while on holiday.

We can carry out an annual service to your caravan or motorhome at your home, storage site or even at your campsite pitch.

We will look after your driveway and your caravan or motorhome.

If your caravan or motorhome is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, then we are approved to service it without affecting that warranty. Servive reminders are sent out each year to help ensure your warranty is maintained.

We exceed the training and qualification requirements of the NCC and AWS to service and repair your leisure vehicle.

We are regularly independently assessed to ensure we have tool calibration, good working methods (Code Of Practice), qualifications, insurances and paperwork in place.

Because we also repair leisure vehicles, that gives us a deeper isight to understanding potential problems that may be lurking undetected. If we do happen to find a problem during the service we can send you a video or photos of fault. We will give you a price for the repair and confirm your permission to proceed.


A caravan service covers all aspects detailed below to the bottom of the page. The full caravan service will take upto 4 hours to complete and covers the habitation service outlined below and it will also include the chassis service:-

A caravan service comprises of:-


Chassis service

Habitation Service

Gas system testing

230v, mains electric testing

Appliance testing

12v report

Fire & Safety

Water system


Damp report

Why have your caravan or motorhome serviced?


If the ground you park your caravan on is soft (grass or gravel etc), this is not a problem, we can safely jack up and support your caravan. Even if it is on a sloping drive. So long as the caravan can be levelled off, we can usually safely jack it up and support it safely (send us a photo of your drive to confirm). We will lay down heavy duty steel pates to protect your Tarmac, resin, presscrete drive etc. Kieron has been self employed and working mobile for 12 years and has a total of 36 years experience in jacking up vehicles.


Some elements of what we check and adjust on a service would be to remove brake drums so that we can clean and inspect the drum and brake shoes, inspect the wheel bearings and adjust the caravan brakes.

Check the operation of the handbrake and overrun mechanism, lubricating where needed. We use a method to simulate the dynamic operation of the brakes so we can ensure they function correctly on the road when towed. Hitch assembly tested for correct engagement, hitch pads cleaned and checked for wear. Chassis bolt tightness checked.

Inspect the caravan chassis for corrosion, cracks, distortion and security to body.

Inspect the caravan tyres for age, load and speed rating, pressure, and any damage.

We ensure the emergency breakaway cable is in good condition and will correctly apply the brakes if needed.

Corner stedies checked for smooth operation and lubricated.

Road lights, fridge and ATC operation checked with our specialist test box. Bulbs replaced if needed.

All this will ensure that if you were to be pulled over by VOSA in a roadside check you will be sent allong on your way to continiue your holiday without any further delay.


Habitation service / Hab check / Habitat service

​We will look after your motorhome or caravan.

We remove our shoes upon entry to your van.

The habitation service is quite a large undertaking on your motorhome or caravan taking upto 3 hours to complete. Many safety critical systems are checked.

Briefly: -


A thorough test of the gas system is carried out to include:-

Gas tightness testing of the system to ensure there are no gas leaks. Gas joints can work loose with the movement of the motorhome or caravan on the road or cold hot cycles. Age, suitability and function of regulator and hoses is checked and that gas dispersal points are present and clear. Flame pattern and colour are checked, flame failure safety devices are tested, thermostat controls are operating as intended and functionality of all gas appliances are assessed. Carbon monoxide output is tested and flue gas ratios are monitored to give a good idea if further investigation is required in to the appliance condition. If the caravan is stored for some time or not used over winter then insects (especially spiders and flies) can partly block up gas appliance flues or burners affecting the operation of the appliance.

Gas tanks and all pipework inspected. Gas pipe electrical bonding tested.

All this is checked as part of the habitation service. Flue gas analysis is not a requirement of the manufacturer’s aor AWS service but we feel it is essential to assure your safety.


Truma flue gas analysis.jpg


Mains electric, 230v, 240v, test that the RCD trips at a set Amperage in a given time, nuisance tripping chassis earthing and bonding, socket testing to ensure each one is wired correctly and wires haven’t come out or rodents nibbles through cables, functionality of all mains appliances, space heater, water heater, hot plate, mains charger, 230v lighting, fridge etc, polarity check, wiring condition, no exposed wires. Let's ensure your holiday doesn't shock you in an unpleasant way. All circuit breakers and RCD is suitable and correctly rated. Electrical leakage.



During the gas and 230v test phase all the appliances are tested to assess whether they are functioning correctly. If they are found to be out of parameters then further investigation can be carried out.


12v electrics, battery capacity and charging (plus engine charge if motorhome), wiring and fuse condition, battery condition test, not with the old school drop tester but with an electronic test box that measures true capacity of the battery. Top up electrolyte, ensure charge voltage is suitable for the type of battery fitted, capable of powering the motor mover. , lights, aux socket tests. Solar check if possible. Toilet flush and solar panel if practical to do so.



Fire safety and ventilation, test of CO alarm, smoke alarm, suitability of fire blanket, fire extinguisher, all windows open (fire escape). Ventilation vents are not blocked. Battery age.


Water system, pump switching operation, filter renewal (if supplied with a filter), tap operation, ensure no leaks on fresh or grey water. Tap or pipework leaks behind cupboards and seats etc. Drain down system when done.

Toilet, check and lubricate lip seal, check for corrosion to wiring, function of pump and level indicator.


Bodywork externally, checking for damage, sealed joins that have failed and may allow water in, window seal integrity, roof lights and the mastic seals, banding strips that join panels, locker door integrity, lubricating all rubber seals where needed, checking water run off does not cause problems on the underside floor etc. lubricate locks. Windows and lockers


Blinds, general condition of interior, window latches and stays. Roof lights operate and have the designated ventilation. Lower ventilation holes


All going well, our damp inspection and report will show no cause for concern. If, however, any issues are found we will give guidence on how to deal with it. Often it is enough to reseal the problem area. If the damp inspection is part of a full service we will often overseal or patch over small areas where the water is coming in at no extra charge. This repair is often good enough to see you through to the next service and beyond.







Even on the caravans and motorhomes where only a visual inspection is needed we damp test the cuboards on the walls and look for witness marks, run marks, staining, corrosion and high damp readings on the cupboards where water has entered. This can still cause problems where the water runs down to the wooden floor, matress or wooden cupboards making them swell and become unsightly and weak.


We use manufacturer approved professional damp meters - Protimeter Survey Master - and give a comprehensive and accurate damp report. All damp reports meet and often exceed the manufacturers requirements.

A non invasive damp meter is used but this sometimes gives a false reading of damp, such as metal behind the wall board, wiring or brakets. In this case a damp meter with two sharp probes is used. The probes are inserted gently and not too far in and in a place where any holes that may be evident are not seen, usually in a corner or under the rubber seal of a window.

Damp readings under 15% are fine, above 30% then there is some problem giving the area a regular feed of water. If you can smell damp then its likely the problem has gone too far and the wood has become rotten, readings of 99% would be common. At this point a repair will be very expensive. If the affected area is small it may be possible to stop any more water coming in and let it slowly dry out.


It is a good idea to have regular servicing and damp checks carried out to ensure there are no problems developing. It also helps maintain a service track record to give future potential purchasers confidence.






I carry my own water supply and pure sinewave generator. Many parts are kept in stock so if any problems are found they can be resolved on the first visit. Because I also repair appliances and other systems it gives me a deeper insight as to what to look out for and what can go wrong by looking for early tell-tale signs. I stand by my workmanship and have my home address on all paperwork, business cards and website.

Awning rail oversealing
Caravan window seal debonding
Caravan panel crack
Solar cable entry gland debonded
Warranty repair to front panel
Patch repair to crack
Split rear panel
Window hinge rail loose
Gap in awning rail sealant
Bailey Alutech water leak marks
Bailey Alutech water leak
Wall board pimpling and bobbling
Water run marks
Swift GRP water ingress
motorhome damp floor
Swift water leak
Coachman damp stain
Bailey Alutech front locker with tray removed

Why have your caravan or motorhome serviced?

Regular servicing ensures you can relax and enjoy your holidays with minimal hassle while also ensuring you fulfil your duty of care to other road users and campsite users. It wont guarantee you will have no problems but the possibility of any problems occurring will be greatly reduced.

I’m not into scaremongering but the facts are… Check small print in your insurance documentation. You may only be covered pending regular servicing. Your responsibility to ensure the LAV is safe to operate. If there were to be a fire originating from your LAV on a campsite, if it were proved you did your bit to ensure the LAV was safe then all good, otherwise you may be liable. Similar if you were involved in a road traffic incident police and your insurance would be checking the roadworthiness of the LAV. Insurance companies like to find a way not to pay out.

protects your loved ones from hazards such as fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, it identifies small problems before they become costly repairs.


Full service report given

All done on your drive or storage site.

Calibre Caravan Services is a manufacturer approved mobile service that comes to your house, storage site or pitch. We carry out a comprehensive range of repairs, maintenance and servicing to your caravan or motorhome to include:-

  • Caravan fridge repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome fridge repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan heater repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome heater repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan water heater repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome water heater repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan toilet repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome toilet repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan 230v repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome 230v repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan 12v repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome 12v repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan window replacement

  • Motorhome window replacement

  • Caravan wheel bearing replacement

  • Motorhome wheel bearing replacement

  • Van servicing

  • Complete motorhome servicing

  • Motorhome oil change

  • Motorhome MOT repairs

  • Motorhome welding

  • Motorhome cambelt timing belt replacement

If you want parts or accessories for your caravan or motorhome I can recommend Cannock Caravan Accessories:-

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