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AWS Approved Mobile Workshop
Motorhome engine service
Motorhome timing belt replacement
Motorhome habitation service
Motorhome caravan solar panel
Caravan motor mover fitting
Caravan servicing
Caravan fridge repair
Motorhome combi boiler repair

Caravan servicing.

Servicing should not just be a tick sheet process. At Calibre Caravan Services we like getting to know your leisure vehicle so we can minimise any potential problems you may encounter while on holiday. We can carry out an annual service to your caravan at your home, storage site or even at your campsite pitch. If the ground is soft it is not a problem. I can safely jack up your caravan. The service will take about 4 hours and covers the habitation service outlined below and it will also include the chassis:-

Inspect the wheel bearing for roughness or noise when spun and that the seals are in good condition and not leaking grease.

Remove brake drums and inspect for cracking or distortion.

Clean, inspect and adjust the caravan brakes paying attention to the friction material for burning, wear and secure bonding to the back plate.

Check the operation of the handbrake and overrun mechanism, lubricating where needed.

Inspect the caravan chassis for corrosion, cracks and distortion.

Inspect the caravan tyres for age, load and speed rating, pressure and any damage.

Emergency breakaway cable is in good condition and will correctly apply the brakes if needed.

Habitation service / Hab check / Habitat service.

This is quite a large undertaking on your motorhome taking about 3 hours to complete. Many safety critical systems are checked. Breifly:-

1, Gas, tightness testing of the system to ensure there are no gas leaks. Age, suitability and function of regulator and hoses, gas dispersal points are present and clear, visable flame checks, flame failure devices, thermostat controls, functionality of all gas appliances and CO flue gas assessment. Gas joints can work loose with the movement of the motorhome / caravan on the road or if stored for some time insects (especially spiders) can partly block up gas flues. All checked as part of the habitation service.

2, Mains electric, 230v, 240v, 250v, RCD trip test, chassis earthing and bonding, socket testing, functionality of all mains appliances, polarity check, wiring condition, no exposed wires. Let's ensure your holiday doesn't shock you in an unpleasant way.

3, 12v electrics, battery charging (plus engine charge if motorhome), wiring and fuse condition, battery condition test, lights, aux socket tests.

4, Fire and safety, test of CO alarm, smoke alarm, suitability of fire blanket, fire extinguisher, all windows open (fire escape).

5, Water system, pump switching operation, filter renewal, tap operation, ensure no leaks on fresh or grey water.

6, Motorhome toilet, check and lubricate lip seal, check for corrosion to wiring, function of pump and level indicator.

7, Bodywork externally, checking for damage, sealed joins that have failed and may allow water in, window seal integrity, roof lights and the mastic seals, banding strips that join panels, locker door integrity, lubricating all rubber seals, checking water run off does not cause problems on the underside etc.

Solar panels.

There is a large choice of solar panels and controlers. Then there are diferent types and qualities.

If you are looking to keep your battery in tip top shape while in storage then maybe a small 40w solar panel will suffice. Maybe you have a tracker or alarm fitted. If you do then you may find that after a month or so the battery is drained and recovery of the battery is not possible. If you always stay on sites with electric hook up then all you might need is a small 40w solar panel to keep your battery in good condition ready for your next outing.

If on the other hand you prefer to find a secluded location off grid for a few days then your 12v power demands will be much different. Maybe you will need a couple of panels on the roof with a controler to cope with two batteries. Maybe space on your roof will only allow for two 100w panels. Maybe you can fit two 150w panels on the roof and have a free standing solar panel to maximise the sun angle, morning and evening.

Some questions to ask yourself so that you can choose the best configuration:-

Do I have an alarm or tracker active while in storage?

How long will I be off grid?

Will I be dependant on solar charging through the winter or cloudy periods?

What country will I be travelling to?

What size / type of battery needs charging?

What 12v gadgets / appliances do I need to run / What is my power consumption?

What space do I have on the roof?

Motorhome (dual charge) or caravan?

MPPT (30% more efficient, good in low light) or PWM (dual charge function)?

Can I fit more than one solar panel on the roof? maybe a freestanding one too.

Flexible or ridgid panel?

I am in the process of compiling a spreadsheet of appliances/loads and the associated current draw to help you calculate how long your battery might last. Keep checking back here for an update...

Motor mover

I can supply and fit a motor mover to your single or twin axle caravan.

Leisurewize E-move EM203 supplied and fitted to a single axle caravan for £695 with a 5 year warranty.

AL-KO Ranger supplied and fitted to a single axle caravan for £765 with a 5 year warranty (limited time offer).

3 way fridge repair

Whether your caravan fridge has stopped working on gas, mains electric or 12v, I can fix it for you. Or even if it doesent even turn on. I am trained and endorsed by Thetford and also have extensive experience with Dometic / Electrolux fridges. I carry many parts on the van so I should be able to complete a repair on the first visit.

Space heater repair

I am trained and endorsed by Whale, Propex, Alde and Truma so if you have a problem with your caravan or motorhome space heater I am in a good position to fix it for you. By far the most common caravan heaters I repair are the Truma S3002, S3004 and S5004 series but that's because they are so common. The Truma Combi boilers are common for the combustion and circulation motors failing, which I keep in stock, but I have done several electrical heater elements too in the last year.

Used Fanmaster parts in stock.

Caravan water heater repair

Water heater repairs

Caravan and motorhome water heaters serviced and repaired. Whether you have a problem with it not working corectly on electric or gas I am able to repair it for you. Trained and endorsed by Truma, Whale and Alde. Additional used spares in stock for Carver Cascade water heaters.

refillabe lpg gas bottles

Refillable gas bottles

Refillable gas bottles for your motorhome supplied and fitted.

Gas It or Gaslow systems designed to suit your motorhome needs. I can design a system to suit you, whether you travel abroad and use continental bottles, need adapters for continental gas stations or want a refillable bottle alongside your standard replacable Calor bottle for the best option that you don't run out of gas.

Fill up your gas bottle with Autogas at the petrol station.

Alde fluid change

Alde fluid change

When should you change your Alde glycol central heating fluid?

1, Maybe you have the blue, 2 year fluid and need it changing to the pink or magenta 5 year fluid.

2, Maybe you have recently bought your caravan but do not know when the fluid was last changed.

3, Maybe the Alde central heating gets used a lot and needs changing sooner than 5 years.

4, Maybe you had a leak and topped up with water and not the correct fluid.

5, Maybe you accidentally mixed the two types of fluid.

6, Maybe the fluid is looking dirty.

If it is time to change your Alde central heating fluid then give me a call. I can change the fluid on the Alde 3000, Alde 3010, Alde 3020 systems.

Caravan MCB fuse board repair

EICR Electrical Inspection Condition Report

For anything connected to the mains electric it is recommended to have an EICR carried out at set intervals. For caravans and motorhomes the interval is every 3 years. If you bought your caravan or motorhome from a dealer or new you should have been given an EICR certificate or there will be a sticker somewhere to say when it was done.

In short, because the caravan moves around a lot and the system is more likely to be overloaded compared to a house an EICR is required to confirm the full integrity of the mains electrical system.

Cambelt / timing belt / toothed belt / cam chain replacement.

One of my favorite jobs, I do lots of motorhome timing belt replacements. I recommend fitting a full timing belt kit with a new tensioner, idler, cam belt, bolts and water pump along with a fresh dose of engine coolant / antifreeze. Replacing the whole cambelt / timing belt kit is the most reliable way to ensure the cam drive system will give many years of trouble free operation. The timing belt is made of rubber that will preish after several years so regardless of mileage it will need replacing as soon as 5 years if you have the 2.3 Fiat Ducato (Iveco engine). The water pump is replaced because the timing belt often runs on the water pump and if the pump leaks in the future, due to bearing or seal faliure, the cambelt will have to come off to replace the pump.

I also fit new cam chain kits to the Ford Transit engines found in the Ford, Citroen and Peugeot motorhomes, and the Renault Trafic / Vauxhall Vivaro M9R engines found in many campervans.

Base vehicle maintenance.

I have been involved in the motor industry for over 30 years. I have extensive experience on the vans that make up the base vehicle of your motorhome.

Frequent jobs include:-

1, Servicing to the required standard to maintain the vehicle manufacturers warranty using quality parts and oil only. Your service book will be stamped and you will receive a completed service information sheet. Maintain your vehicle warranty.

2, Motorhome MOT repairs.

3, Motorhome brake repairs, metal brake pipes replaced, discs and pads, brake fluid flush, brake hoses replaced, brake caliper replacement or refurbishment, hand brake problems solved, ABS warning lamp problems repaired.

4, Motorhome welding.

5, Motorhome steering repairs, track rod ends, power steering pumps, steering racks.

6, Motorhome suspension repairs, coil springs, ball joints, bushes, dampers, suspension arms.

7, Motorhome exhaust replacement, DPF forced regeneration.

8, Motorhome electrical diagnosis including EML, engine management light problems solved.

9, Head gasket replacement along with a head skim and new valves if the timing belt has snapped.

10, Motorhome engine service to include quality filters.

11, Motorhome chassis servicing including the Alko, AL-KO, extended chassis.

All done on your drive or storage site.

Calibre Caravan Services is a manufacturer approved mobile service that comes to your house, storage site or pitch. We carry out a comprehensive range of repairs, maintenance and servicing to your caravan or motorhome to include:-

  • Caravan fridge repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome fridge repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan heater repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome heater repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan water heater repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome water heater repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan toilet repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome toilet repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan 230v repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome 230v repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan 12v repair and diagnostic

  • Motorhome 12v repair and diagnostic

  • Caravan window replacement

  • Motorhome window replacement

  • Caravan wheel bearing replacement

  • Motorhome wheel bearing replacement

  • Van servicing

  • Complete motorhome servicing

  • Motorhome oil change

  • Motorhome MOT repairs

  • Motorhome welding

  • Motorhome cambelt timing belt replacement

If you want parts or accessories for your caravan or motorhome I can recommend Cannock Caravan Accessories:-

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