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Why should I have my caravan / motorhome habitation area serviced?

1, Several safety checks and adjustments are done on the electrical and gas systems to ensure no life threatening situations can occur.

2, Damp checks. Even newer vans can suffer water ingress. Catching this problem early on will stop a little water leak ultimately comprimising the vans structural integrity.

3, Regular servicing is an effective way to improve the resale value of your leisure vehicle as well as improving reliability.

4, It may be necessary to have regular servicing to maintain a manufacturer or resale warranty that you may have.

5, Your insurance validity may be dependant on regular annual servicing, check the small print. We are in a financial climate where some insurers may be looking for a reason not to pay up.

6, Regular servicing will ensure any problems you may have while away on holiday are minimised.

7, There are many potential problems that can develop in a caravan or motorhome that if left unchecked there is a possibility it may develop into a life threatening situation. Chassis braking problems, gas leakage or combustion problems, 230v electrical leakage. While the caravan is in transit the joints and cables will be continuously moving, working loose or fraying.

8, Some checks can be done yourself but do you have the experience and knowledge to recognise the smallest teltale mark that suggests a larger problem is in its infancy.

What happens if you find a problem while carrying out a service?

I will seek your approval for any repairs that may be needed and we will settle on a price before the work is done.

Often the extra work can be done there and then since I carry stock to cover most common problems.

Can you install an extra plug socket in my caravan/motorhome?

Yes I can. I am also qualified to issue a minor works certificate to confirm the installation was carried out by a qualified person to current regulations.

Can you carry out mechanical servicing to my motorhome?

Yes, as well as being fully qualified to carry out habitation servicing, I am fully qualified and vastly experienced to carry out servicing to your motorhome engine and motorhome chassis, (oil change, MOT repairs, clutches, Cambelts / timing belts, ABS problems and diagnostics etc) all done at your home or storage site. I have 30 years experience in motor vehicle repairs and maintenance and 8 years as a mobile mechanic.

Can you carry out an EICR?

An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is required to be done every 3 years on a caravan or motorhome. Some sites are requesting to see a current EICR certificate before allowing you to conect to their electricity supply (as requested by their insurance). Some insurance companies are asking to see a current certificate to validate any claim you may make. I can carry out an EICR / PIR (Periodic Inspection Report) and issue the relevant paperwork.

My caravan / motorhome is sited on soft ground. Can you still service it?

Yes. I am quite accustomed in doing this. I have large, thick metal plates that I use as a base for jacking and axle stand supports. I also have technique for safely jacking up the caravan on a gentle slope.

I have a caravan fridge that doesnt work.

I can fix most fridge problems on the first visit, whether it be a fault on gas, mains electric or 12v electric.

Can you carry out an Alde fluid change?

I am trained and endorsed by Alde. I can change your blue Alde fluid for the pink / red G12++ or the G13 magenta Alde fluid.

Can you carry out a motorhome timing belt change?

Yes, I have replaced hundreds of timing belts, also known as a cambelt, during my 30 years as a motorhome mechanic. I use top quality timing belt kits along with a water pump and antifreeze if needed. Each vehicle is different so give me a call for a quote.

Can you carry out motorhome MOT repairs?

Yes, I have a fully equipped van so I can Repair your motorhome on your drive, storage pitch or even if you live in your motorhome. Almost all of the repairs you would expect to be done at a workshop, I can do on your drive. I leave no mess and put protective covers on your drive. I can replace metal or rubber brake pipes, Exhaust sections, brake discs and brake calipers, ball joints, suspension arms, suspension coil springs, welding, plus much more.

Can you carry out Truma combi boiler repairs?

Yes, I am trained and endorsed by Truma. I can repair your Truma Combi Boiler whether it has a faulty combustion fan, circulation fan, heating elements or PCB etc. I keep most Truma Combi spares in stock.

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